Section 300: Committee Composition

Effective: April 4, 1996
Revised: October 2015, January 2022
Reviewed: January 2022
Review Date: October 2024
Responsible Party:  Director of Student Health Services

The Montana State University-Northern Safety and Disaster Program is required under the Montana Safety Culture Act (§39-71-1504, MCA). More importantly, this policy is being implemented on behalf of Montana State University-Northern campus community.

The objectives of the MSUN Safety and Disaster Program are to provide to the best of our ability:

  • Safe working environments;
  • Protection of the student body, employees, campus visitors and general public;
  • Reduction of costs associated with accidental losses;
  • Guidelines necessary to cope with most campus emergencies.

The achievement of these objectives will be based on:

  • A sound program to ensure that safety is an integral part of day-to-day operations and work procedures.
  • All campus members taking an active interest, participating and abiding by applicable federal, state, local and agency safety rules and regulations.
  • Develop, maintain and implement MSUN's Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan and Emergency Response Manual.
  • Coordination and involvement with local officials, agencies and emergency services.
  • Demonstration of successful table top and live drills on campus for disasters and emergencies.

The Committee will:

  • Meet at least monthly.
  • Review and respond to safety concerns and accident investigations.
  • Develop and publish all safety related information, policies and procedures
  • Organize and conduct campus safety training and drills.
  • Maintain MSUN's emergency Notification System.

The Safety and Disaster Committee is chaired by the Director of Student Health Services in collaboration with Campus Safety Officer, who will advise the Chancellor in the development of a safety culture at Montana State University-Northern and consists of the following representatives:

  • Director of Facilities Services
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Student Health Services
  • Student Health Counselor
  • Director of Food Services
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Dean of Students
  • Director of University Relations
  • AFSCME Union Representative     
  • CASE Faculty Representative
  • COTS Faculty Representative
  • CHS Faculty Representative
  • Appointed Classified Member
  • Appointed Student Member

The Safety and Disaster Committee members are members of the Emergency Response Team as well as additional faculty, staff and students that are appointed to be building contact people.

Each Emergency Response Team member will:

  • Participate in campus appropriate safety trainings including the NIMS (National Incident Management System) training series.
  • Participate in applicable campus table top and live drills.
  • Promote awareness of safety and training to reduce the costs associated with accident losses.