Section 400: Academic Affairs

Effective: October 25, 1994
Revised: June 2016
Reviewed Date: September 2021
Review Date: September 2023
Responsible Party: Chancellor


It is a professional obligation of all Montana State University-Northern administrators, professional staff, and all full-time faculty to attend the annual commencement ceremony.


Requests for absences from our annual commencement ceremony must be sent in writing, signed and dated, to the Chancellor. Requests will be weighed against the following criteria:

  1. The absence is necessary for attendance at a professionally related activity which cannot be scheduled at another time: summer session, workshop, etc.
  2. The absence is necessary for compelling reasons of a personal nature: illness, graduation of a close relative at another campus on the same date, etc.

The Chancellor will sign the letter as either approved or denied. The requestor will receive a copy of this approval or denial, and the original will be placed in the requestor's personnel file.